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Mar 22, 2007 02:11 PM

What to Drink with What you Eat

To those of you who have recommended this book -- Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! This book is PERFECT for me. I feel like a whole new world of wine exploration and possibilities has opened up now that I have my very own copy. I can plan my meals and do my wine shopping with a good idea of new (to me) wines I'd like to pair with the food. I'd always been inclined to stick with what I was familiar with, and then ask for a recommendation in that category (i.e., "Can you recommend a nice Cabernet to serve with the steak I'm grilling tonight?") Now I have choices based on the cut, the degree of doneness, the saucing, etc. Just last night I tried a Muscadet for the first time -- brought it to a new local BYO that has a raw bar. It was LOVELY! And a couple of nights ago I served a very well-priced ($11) Montepulciano D'Abruzzo with Tagliatelle with a Bolognese sauce. Delizioso!

I have a feeling this book will soon be added to my list of "Most tattered cookbooks."

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  1. Congratulations! It's a wide, wide world out there waiting for exploration . . .

    1. I love this book too. I love how amazingly comprehensive it is, listing everything from medium rare steak au poivre to jelly donuts to fried chicken. All the pairings I've tried from here so far have been successful.

      Between this book and Jancis Roberts' Oxford companion, I feel like I have a good wine reference shelf.

      It's also got a very appealing design. Even my non-wino friends pick it up off the shelf and thumb through it.

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        One of the things I love about this book is that you don't have to sort through a lot of "fluff" to get to what you're looking for. Also, the sidebar information and quotes are relevant and useful. This book may become my go-to gift for my wine-lover friends.

      2. I also ordered the book when I read it recommended in a recent thread. I have not received it yet but based on your great review I can't wait to get started.

        1. Thanks for the comment. After mention of this book on this board, I ordered it. Unfortunately, it's still in the box, until taxes are done. Can't wait.