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Mar 22, 2007 01:45 PM

Phnom Penh in Echo Park

Has anyone eaten there? According to the single review on AOLCityGuide, it sounds like it's not only great and exotic, but really cheap. What do you think? If you're familiar with it, what do you recommend having there? Or what should be avoided at all costs? Are there any other Cambodian restaurants in L.A. or the SGV that you might prefer?

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  1. Well, there have been a few reports.
    But I never did get there.

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      i tried it once about 3 years ago and didn't like it .
      Though, it was to go at 2 in the afternoon and I was trying to get fish ball soup for my kid who had just moved from San Francisco and he was crying that there was no good fish balls in LA (meaning close enough that we don't have to go on an hours long food expedition) we ordered some other things but the flavors were not clean like most vietnamese foods (after reading the above comment that the chef was cambodian it makes much more sense as the cambodian food is more intense in flavor with a name like Phnom Penh I expected vietnamese but on that day we were desperate as the A grocery was out of spring rolls at the deli counter. Maybe I should give it a try again at lunch without kid.

      1. re: mkleeh

        Well....Phnom Penh is in Cambodia, not Vietnam. Cambodian food is perhaps more similar to Thai food than Vietnamese, but it's certainly not as well known as either of those cuisines.

        1. re: Papuli

          I was wondering when someone would point it out. "With a name like Paris, it's got to be Spanish!" -- that sort of thing.

          Do they have baked salty fish or pomelo salads or any of that sort of thing? Cambodia (and Laos) was actually more memorable, food-wise, for me than Thailand. (Never been to Vietnam)

          I went to Battambang a while ago and it sucked. A good (or even passable) Cambodian restaurant that was not in Long Beach would be very exciting.