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Your favorite restaurant

I recently realized that I had a favorite restaurant--something that I've never had before. I'd had favorite meals, places I really liked, places I'd frequent, but nothing ever bubbled to the top as my favorite, to the point where I could say the word.

So IF you have one, and it's in Manhattan, post it here. No explanation, elaboration, or qualifications. This is a "moment in time" thing, and no one can assume it always has been your favorite or always will be. Just right now. No lists. Just one favorite restaurant, if you have it.

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    1. Blue Hill.

      (What's yours, BTW?)

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      1. re: ballulah

        I was holding back at first so as not to flavor the thread, but it's Momofuku Ssam.

                  1. Lupa.
                    Ate there last night and said "see you soon" on my way out. Mmm.

                        1. Taverna Kyclades. Astoria (Realize this is island specific site but oh well)

                          1. Upstairs and Otto - I could go every week

                                1. Pearl Oyster Bar, Bond Street

                                  1. Gramercy Tavern Bar Room

                                      1. Babbo followed by Campagnola.

                                          1. re: jakew8

                                            however simple this post is, it is fun too see the submissions. i have never been to craft i am finally going on tuesday night.. what shall i order?

                                            1. probably would be Crispo

                                                    1. BALTHAZAR

                                                      (we should start a club, since it is most likely we know each other by sight!)

                                                      - Sean