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Mar 22, 2007 01:25 PM

Runny yolks in the microwave?

The awesome runny yolk thread is making me crave rice with spinach, nori, hot sauce, etc. with a runny yolk on top. However, I'm in grad school and working two jobs, so I'm almost never home for meals. Would it be possible to make the rice dish and then somehow create a runny-yolked egg to eat on top of it in the microwave? Maybe microwave the rice and then crack the egg on top and microwave it briefly to cook the white? I need to puncture the yolk if I'm microwaving, right?

Or would this all be a mess and I should just ignore this craving until May?


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  1. I know people who have luck with eggs in the microwave but mine always end up rubbery. Could you add the egg to the top of the rice dish before it's done and cover until the egg is just the way you want?

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      Yeah, the rubberiness is what I'm afraid of, although honestly I try to lower my standards a bit for reheated foods eaten away from home.

      What if I were to cook the rice until it's very hot and then crack the egg on top of it and slap a cover on there for a few minutes? Might that cook the white sufficiently? I feel like there is a Japanese donburi that's made like this, but I can't think of what exactly it is...

    2. Try cracking the egg on a separate plate and heating it for just 20 second. Take a peek and see if it's the right consistency. This might be a trial and error thing, since microwaves tend to cook insides quickly. Try it at home first.

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        Unfortunately I have no microwave at home (though this is perhaps the first time that's seemed unfortunate!). I'll just have to give it a try at school and if it's less than wonderfully tasty, so be it.

      2. Did you eat egg-gohan as a kid? If so, just add a little water to your left-over rice and super heat it (the rice) in the MW, add your slightly beaten, room temp egg to the hot gohan w/ a bit of shoyu and mix together. The egg will cook just enough from the heat of the rice.

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          Not as a kid, but I will eat it now! However, at the moment I'm particularly craving the runny yolk part. Can I cook an unscrambled egg on hot rice do you think?

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            I would put an egg in a bowl, break the yolk and mix just a very little bit, MW for 20 seconds or so and dump on top of hot rice. I think you might get what you're looking for.

        2. I've seen on this board at least once (though I can't remember who to credit) that poached eggs can be made in advance and reheated. If you have a refrigerator at work, that could be a possibility. Though it seems that re-heating the eggs often involved slipping them back in hot water, I bet if you heated up your rice well enough, the conduction of heat between the hot rice and the egg would warm it up sufficiently.

          Link to Julia Child's egg-poaching:

          Hope you stay well-fed with your busy schedule!

          1. Try heating up a big mug or bowl of water in the microwave until it is nearly boiling. Then take it out of the microwave and crack an egg into it. The egg should poach nicely in 3 or 4 minutes.