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Mar 22, 2007 01:21 PM

MISSING Rafiqi's cart

Anyone know what happened to the Rafiqi's cart on the SW corner of west 26th st, hasn't been there all week?

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  1. the rafiqi's cart on park and 52nd has been missing since monday. does anybody know what is going on with them?

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    1. re: nyczsmn

      The one on 6th Avenue between 19th and 20th is also awol.

      1. re: LloydG

        Oh no. I work in the city every Tuesday and love my Rafiqi's. What's going on?
        What about the one on Park and 24th? I think that's the main one.

        1. re: pastoralia

          I walked past it this morning, looks like they had everything fired up and ready.

          1. re: mikka

            mikka, which one did you walk past?

            1. re: nyczsmn

              I just walked past the one on 6th and 19th, and he's back in business.

              1. re: nyczsmn

                The 47 and Madison is back also. It was all fired up as I passed by this morning.

                1. re: moymoy


                  New to the area. 47th and Mad? What's good at the cart?

                  1. re: jfood

                    Can't go wrong with the lamb and rice or lamb gyro. I'm not too crazy about the chicken (it lacks flavor, imo). The lunch line forms early but moves quick.

                    1. re: moymoy

                      Funny...I like the chicken and salad platter with a pita.

                2. re: nyczsmn

                  Probably too late, but I walked past the one on 24th and Park. I've worked near that location for a while now and it's rare if ever that I don't see them in the morning.

          2. re: nyczsmn

            52 and park there and they are cooking. lamb was great today.

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            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. i went to the one on Broadway/8th St today...yummy lamb platter...