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Mar 22, 2007 01:20 PM

Kelowna on Easter Weekend

Hello, I need a little help. I will be in Kelowna on Easter Weekend for a wedding and am looking for a Chow-ish place for lunch and dinner on the Saturday. Driving is not a problem as we will be renting a car and will likely need to get away from crazy family members. We like all kinds of food, I have a particular thing for local cheese and any kind of charcruterie (sp?). Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Try Wild Apple Grill, its in a resort hotel with a view of the lake, or the Old Vines Patio at Quails Gate winery, or Cattle Country Steak and Seafood. As well many of the wineries have nice restaurants

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      The Wild Apple Grill is nothing special. The comparison below to Earls is a quite accurate description for the food when I was there two weeks ago. But if you're not picky about the food, the view of the lake can't be beat.

    2. For my money, at least last time in town, fresco was very good. A little pricey but worth the money. If you want to look at a drive 1-1.5 hours, Naramata has a lodge that has a great restaraunt. Have been and the wine list is excellent as well (now this was a year or 2 ago).

      I would avoid Cattle Country (just regular surf and turf) and the wild apple grill (feels like high end chain dining a la earl's)

      I would agree on the Old Vines Patio, good food, and some of the best wine in town (my opinion) I would choose the Patio for lunch rather than dinner, as the view is great if the weather is suitable, and you will miss the panarama's if it isdark out. Hope that helps.

      1. I would also say no to Cattle Country and Wild Apple Grill, for the same reasons listed by others.

        My favourite place eat in Kelowna remains Waterfront Wines. Small-ish menu, but I have loved everything I've ever had there. They do a nice cheese plate as well.

        Fresco is another good option, have yet to hear anything negative about it.

        I also like Hector's Casa on Pandosy for Mexican, the Greek House in Winfield,
        Genjie for Japanese.

        If you have time you may want to check out Carmelis Goat Cheese farm, nice little place out on south Lakeshore Drive where you can sample and buy various goat cheese.

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          Go to Bouchon's for French. The food is incredibly good! I dream about their cassoulet and have not found anything in Calgary that compares. Cheers!

        2. I don't know why it never seems to get recommended to visitors, but Mamma Rosa's on Kennedy is one of the best red sauce pasta and pizza joints ever. Pastas are handmade, I especially recommend the Chicken Diavola with Fettucine Alfredo. Also, the Marguerita pizza is awesome.

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            Have to agree, if you are in the mood for red check table cloths and candles in bottles it is good. (no sarcasm, when my wife and I were in the mood for an old school Italian feed we would go). It is by no means high end but it is solid. Actually in summer think one of best caprese salads I have had was there. It only needed high end olive oil to be transcendent

          2. I heard Mahinda's at Tutt Square is supposed to be good.