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Mar 22, 2007 01:05 PM

Help Canoe - Any recommendations

will be going to canoe next week and want to know what is great and what to stay away from??

any suggestions appreciated. Finnegan?

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    1. foie gras is good! depands if ur going for luch or dinner! lunch was a total dissapointment! i sent back the mains twice! so id have to say canoe is totally over rated!

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      1. re: eire

        I'm curious -what did you have to send things back for eire? I've never eaten at Canoe, but have a reservation for next month, so I'd like to hear details, in case I'm better off going elsewhere. We're going for a special dinner, so like Connoisseur, I'd like some tips and views from others that have gone recently.

        1. re: FresserGuy

          My recoomendation would be not to go...other than the view, there is very little to recommend this place. I've gone four times (the last three times against my will - business dinners) and have yet to have a satisfying experience. Food portions are miniscule, service is abrupt or non-existant. On one occasion we sent the wine back, but had to argue with the server and the manager about what constituted a corked bottle. Never again...for the money I can think of about 15 better restaurants.

          1. re: Finnegan

            This is what I was afraid of..... We have gone before and we were not happy. I was really hoping our experience was the exception rather than the rule.
            Thanks Finny

          2. re: FresserGuy

            cacel ur booking in my opinion.go to splendido,rain,george the list goes on. canoe is over priced over rated and has a rep in the city that its the best but in my opinion its far from the best!!spend ur money elsewhere!!

            1. re: eire

              I'd have to agree with the group on this one. I've been three times for very different occasions (Winterlicious, Wedding Banquet, and a full-blown Dinner Tasting Menu), and have been underwhelmed each time. The service was pleasant enough, and the martinis I drank were delicious (I think it was called Autumn Harvest or something). HOWEVER, for the price we paid for the tasting menu, I was really expecting top notch cuisine. What I received instead was "good food", but nowhere near what I had expected from a restaurant of this supposed calibre.

              1. re: team_eater

                I had tried to enter a somewhat lengthier post saying how I was the dissenter of opinions on Canoe and that I have had good experiences there; unfortunately something happened to my eloquent and witty response (according to me :)) and it dissappeared into the void... maybe I will get a few minutes again later to try and go through my exeriences again, but the point of what I was trying to say is that you can not have a bad meal there in my opinion; the food is of good seasonal quality, the service is solid, the location and view is fantastic (and yes, you ARE paying for that).

          3. re: eire

            We went for lunch and the only really GREAT thing about the meal WAS the foie gras... So I guess we're saying there are some inconsistencies... :)

            1. re: kawarthagirl

              We have an oliver bonacini gift certificate to use, so we can go to Canoe, or else biff, auberge to pommier, or jump. We'd never been to Canoe, so thought we'd try it. Based on these posts, would anyone more strongly recommend one of the other places? Looking at the menus on the Net, I like Biff's menu best, but we live very close to auberge.
              Any thoughts?

              1. re: FresserGuy

                I've only been to Canoe once, and it was many years ago. However, it was undoubtedly one of the best dining experiences I've had in Toronto. From the sounds of it, though, the quality has slipped significantly since then. I would avoid Biff's at all costs - a poorly executed french brasserie/bistro with sub-par food and bad service. I had been very excited about the menu, too, as I have a great love for bistro style cuisine. Sadly, the dishes were but pale imitations the authentic french classics, and the service was horrible, to say the least. I'll not be going back there... I have not been to Auberge, but it has been around forever, and it still gets consistently great reviews. For what it's worth, that would be my choice....

                1. re: redearth

                  so guys is this a place to stay clear of???

                2. re: FresserGuy

                  Ahhh, if you have a gift certificate (FG), I agree with redearth... go to Canoe. Book a table around sunset and ask for a window seat. As another poster mentioned, you really do pay for the view and it is spectacular - worth the price of admission (especially if admission is essentially free).

                  Granted, it's been a few years since I had proper dinner at Canoe (I've more recently had lunch, bar snacks, drinks) , but I don't think the food will be "bad" (let's face it, CH'ers are a picky lot). I'm willing to be that given all the bad press here, you'll actually find yourselves pleasantly surprised.

                  PS - have only been to Biff's once... also underwhelmed. Can't comment on Auberge and would pick Canoe over Jump, if only for the view.

                  1. re: FresserGuy

                    A fun way to use a gc would be at the bar in Canoe.

                    The food at Jump can be pretty good -- I like it for lunch, and they are one of the best places in the city for interesting half bottles of wine.

                    Auberge is great for a romantic dinner. The food is good, tasty (some people think too salty) but it's not out-there cuisine, it's traditional.

                    I like the bar at Biff's because it's quiet and comfy but the food, not at all.

                    1. re: orangewasabi

                      I've been to Canoe a few times and have always had fantastic food and very good service. My experiences have all been positive. Biff's is nice -- it's cozier, but Canoe would be my first preference.

              2. Went to canoe about 2 weeks ago, I felt it was quite good! The gnocchi and foie gras appetizer was excellent ! For people who do not experience high end resturaunts often Canoe will seem like an excellent restaurant. If you are used to restaurants like Susur and Thuet on a regular basis it wont be so great. The point is don't be scared off of Canoe, the view alone makes the trip worth it at least once.

                1. I don't know what all these people are smoking. Canoe may not be the French Laundry, but it's pretty damn good. Granted, I've only been to Canoe once, about six months ago. The scallop appetizer was just about the best single dish I've had anywhere. The foie gras was also excellent. The mains? Not quite as exquisite, but pretty damn good. And the view was worth at least a $50 premium.

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                  1. re: estragon

                    I enjoy Canoe and stated that in my reply above; my more relevant concern was, and is, people criticizing without substance. It's understandable you may have a bad experience somewhere, but lets start giving examples and concrete reviews instead of some of the drivel that some people are posting as 'reviews'.

                    1. re: estragon

                      I've enjoyed the caribou at canoe!
                      Also - the seafood appetizer is ENORMOUS and very fresh. A++.