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Mar 22, 2007 12:40 PM

Where to find Lillet in DC Metro area? (moved from Wine)


Would someone please tell me if it is possible to find Lillet in the DC Metro area? I have tried finding it to purchase online but can only seem to find UK distributors....

much thanks,

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  1. You might get a more specific response if posted on the local board, BUT . . . I'd be really suprised if you couldn't find it at (alphabetically):

    Calvert Woodley Liquors
    202-966-4400 • 4339 Connecticut Ave NW

    Cleveland Park Liquor & Wines
    202-363-4265 • 3423 Connecticut Ave NW

    Macarthur Liquors
    202-338-1433 • 4877 Macarthur Boulevard NW

    Schneider's of Capitol Hill
    202-543-9300 • 300 Massachusetts Ave NE

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    1. I've never had any trouble finding it at the Total Wine stores in Virginia. I've always got a bottle of the blanc and a bottle of the rouge in my refrigerator.

      1. They have it at Paul's, in Friendship Heights.

        1. They definitely have Lillet (both red and white) at Schneider's.