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Mar 22, 2007 12:31 PM

Anyone been to Sevilla in LB? Rants/Raves welcome.

My cousins and I want to go there on Sunday for the Flamenco deal - but wondering if it is any good and worthwhile. Also do you know if the Sunday entertainment/show is diff than Fri or Sat and how it compares?

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  1. If you want to see Flamenco while eating Spanish food, I'd hugely recommend you go to two different places and give Cafe Sevilla a miss. I know of what I speak. I date the show's flamenco guitarist, and so have spent a lot of time at Sevilla eating the overpriced, mediocre food and observing their less-than-professional attitude toward the dinner guests. Sevilla makes most of its money on the disco after the flamenco dinner show. And they want you done and OUT by 9...or they'll start cleaning up around you. About a month ago they ran out of food (how does that happen?) and actually argued with patrons who didn't want to pay for their drinks if they weren't going to get the pre-arranged dinner they were expecting. The focus here, again, is not on the food, nor on flamenco. Alegria across the street is not bad, but more a bar-like atmosphere. I would go to Ole in Studio City for pretty OK Spanish food, and check out the Fountain Theater in Hollywood for good flamenco. "Forever Flamenco" plays every Sunday, with a rotating group of local flamencos (look for Antonio Triana's shows; they will be the most puro, most exciting, IMHO).