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Mar 22, 2007 12:23 PM

Private Business Dinner - Midtown


I am hosting a private business dinner for 20 to 25 people. I am looking for restaurant suggestions in midtown (50s midtown to westside) to get a private dining room. I am looking to spend approx. $75 to $100 per person. People are largely from out of town.


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  1. The Modern at The MoMa is nice and overlooks the sculpture garden. Out of towners and New Yorkers alike would be impressed with its setting and food.

    1. Alto, on 53rd, b/t 5th & Madison, has superb modern Italian cuisine. It's the more upscale sibling of L'Impero, and Scott Conant is the chef for both. They have private facilities.

        1. If they're from out of town, they might like the ambiance and history of 21 club, they have many different private rooms.

          Also could try Malony & Porcelli, I know they have private rooms as well.

          1. Park Avenue Cafe always has done a great job for us - they have a private room - or you can reserve a special area of the restaurant if you have enough time. They are a class act there. I have never had a bad meal and your guests will really feel special. I had my 40th bday there. And of all people - who was there to wish me a happy birthday? Emeril! So, if it's good enough for Emeril, it's good enough for me! :) I might be a little over budget for you - but you can discuss that with the restaurant planner if you are interested.