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Help - 1 day in montreal - Need a few recs

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Hello I'm a food lover from Dallas Texas - please don't hold that against me :) - and I will be passing through Montreal on Sunday April 1st heading out after lunch Monday April 2nd.

Can you give me any recs for a place to have dinner sunday and lunch monday (I'm on a slightly limited bugdet <30 per plate)? Any other suggestions or things to see would be greatly appreciated. From the previous posts it sounds like I should check out the Jean Talon Market for sure...

I am staying at the Marriott Chateau on De La Gauchetiere


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  1. You're pretty close to Brasserie Brunoise and Decca 77 which is pretty much across the parking lot. These are good options. Joe Beef is also within a pretty short cab ride. Actually, less than $30 for mains is not that limited a budget in Montreal and in some places, you'll even have a table d'hôte (three course meal) if you dish out $10-$15 more.

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      I think Brasserie Brunoise is closed most Sundays, but it would still be a good Monday lunch option. Mas des Olivier would be another Sunday or Monday option; some mains are more than $30 but I think most are less.

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        According to their website, Decca 77 is closed on Sunday.

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          I was recommending it for Monday lunch. Word to the wise, it seems like Montrealers have finally woken up and realized what a gem this place is, so make sure to reserve.

      2. Well, for lunch I really recommend L'Express, here's a review: http://www.montrealfood.com/restos/le.... It's very french bistro-like and if you're a foodie...even though it's a bit far...it's worth a trip. The metro there is pretty easy anyway and so are cabs. Italina: Da Emma. Really, really great food, esp. the fettucine con porcini funghi. I loved Bonaparte...but it's more expensive but still reasonable. One thing I found in Montreal it was hard to get good frites. It's kind of a weird observation, but just so you know. Have fun!

        1. Decca77 (www.decca77.com) is your best option - $25 for three course lunch. Brasserie Brunoise might be a bit more.

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            thanks for the recs! i'm heading out today via florida/carribean but I'll report back with my experiences when I return!

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              You also get a bit of a bonus because you are no doubt thinking in Yanqui dollars. The currency exchange isn't as favourable to you as it was a couple of years ago, but you still get about 15%.

          2. You can do some good noshing at the places around the perimeter of J-T Market. I can never resist getting getting a merguez sandwich "all dressed" from the guy who cooks them on an open grill (Boucherie An-Nasr?)