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Belga Cafe mini review

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We dined at Belga Café last night. It was actually pretty good for price points. DH had a couple of Hoegaardens and I had a Stella. The olive bread in basket was tasty. We started by splitting cheese croquettes, can’t go too wrong with fried cheese. Then we each had an order of mussels, mine mariniere and his with garlic cream sauce. I wasn’t able to finish mine, but they were good. The fries seemed to be bit blah, I am not a fan of the mayo for dipping. We split the waffle for dessert. We managed to get a table by arriving early; by time we left the place was packed. We would certainly go back there.


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  1. ooooo.... those mussels are good!
    you should try their brunch! just was there a few weeks ago, and it was delicious...
    but disliking mayo?! sigh... :o)