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Mar 22, 2007 11:08 AM

Saturday Night Ideas?

OK, once again we forgot to reserve in advance and are now too late to get a table at La Porte---next time! So, looking for suggestions. First, let me tell you where we DON't want to go (for a variety of reasons ie tired of the place, bad experience, go too often, etc)
-petit extra
-Joe Beef
-Casa Tapas

We would like something GOOD, but not too too pricey (Toqué is in the realm of too pricey). Of the following, which we have not tried, what would you reccommend:
- Lémiac
-other suggestions?

Finally, has anyone tried Halte Urbaine? We are leaning towards this as it had fine reviews last week in La Presse and Gazette, plus we love AREA. What say you?!

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  1. Here are a few ideas.

    Le Jolifou, quite affordable and great food.
    Laloux, Dany St-Pierre and Patrice Dermers have taken over in the kitchen.
    Tapeo, great tapes in a fun atmoshpere.
    La montée de lait, only heard good things about
    Le 5e péché, Carswell favorite

    1. Once again, I say you must try Les Deux Singes de Montarvie! Amazing place!!!!!

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      1. re: Frenchie

        Have you been since much of the kitchen staff up and left (late January/early February, I believe)?

        1. re: carswell

          I was there the last time right at that period, actually...and really enjoyed it. Have you had bad experiences?

          1. re: Frenchie

            "I was there the last time right at that period, actually...and really enjoyed it."

            Sorry, but I'm still unclear whether the last time you ate there was before or after the changes in the kitchen. Do you know?

            "Have you had bad experiences?"

            No, but I haven't been since the former staff decamped nor have I heard from anyone who has, which is why I was asking.

            1. re: carswell

              Sorry, it was indeed unclear. I did not know about the change of staff, so I can't tell if it was before or after. I went in November, and went back at the beginning of February, and had two very good experiences.