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Mar 22, 2007 11:08 AM

Tinned French Foie Gras

What do you like to do with tinned french foie gras? Since it doesn't have the texture of torchon, it's disappointing to just eat with bread. Searing it is OK but again the texture is wrong. Is there a better way to prepare this? Perhaps as a flavoring ingredient in a sauce (I can imagine blending it with something?). Would it work well to stuff in ravioli, maybe ground in combo with other stuff?

Any great ideas?

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  1. The Dubernet brand that I buy is just fine with bread and a chutney or marmalade. I don't care for it seared.

    hmmmm reavioli stuffing! a very good idea! I wouldn't combine it, tho, I don't think.

    1. If you care to do a search you'll find this exact question has been recently asked and responded to...

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        Argh... I actually did a search before posting and didn't find it. Found it now, so apparently I didn't use the "right" search terms... thanks for the heads-up.

        For the record, here's the link:

        Other creative ideas welcome...