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Mar 22, 2007 11:06 AM

Florida trip April 12-17

Hey Chowhounds, me and the family are driving from Atlanta to Miami for a wedding next month. We want to stop somewhere fun on the way down to recreate, eat, and drink. I really need to get at least halfway if not more of the way to Miami before we stop. Any suggestions?

We have reservations in Coral Gables/Coconut Grove for three nights. We want to eat some good Cuban food and some seafood. Also we need to find a hotel room in a different area, (near or on the beach) for the 16th that has good food nearby. We probably can't do restaurants that are super expensive or fancy because we are bringing the 8 and 10 year olds. Help!


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  1. Hey Mrs Lovell>
    I read a good article online about traveling with kids on the other day. Check it out

    Cuban in the Grove - Las Culebrinas on 27th is nice. Las Culebrinas in the Grove, 2890 Sw 27th Ave, 305.448.4090
    Seafood - there is a Grill out on Key Biscayne in the State Park (really!) that's opened til sunset that the kids will love. Also - Jimbos on Virginia Key or Scotty's Landing in the Grove is a casual waterfront place that's atmosphere first and then grilled fish sammies second. My favorite sit down seafood is River on Miami Avenue - but it's not super kid-freindly.

    Jimbo's -
    Head south on the main road toward Key Biscayne, make a left just after the MAST Academy (there will be a sign that says VIRGINIA KEY), tell the person in the toll booth you're going to Jimbo's, and he'll point you in the right direction.
    If you get lost call 305/361-7026


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      LOL it's so funny to read that-I went to high school at MAST Academy!

      Jimbo's is great!