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Mar 22, 2007 10:30 AM

Help! Moving from bklyn to Little Neck/Great Neck

In a quest for more space for less money me and the wife are moving from Dumbo/Bk Heights- to a community on the border of Little Neck (Queens- so hopefully this won't get bumped), and Great Neck (LI). My worst fear is having nowhere locally to venture out of my apartment for great chow. Anyone know about good food in the area?? The only thing I know of is that there's a Peter Lugers in that area, and a pretty good diner (yes- that's right- a diner) named Scobee's.


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  1. Yup, Scobee's is OK if you know what to order. Stay simple.

    Also good is TJK Cafe on LIE Service Rd. near Marathon Pkwy.

    Best part of your move? Decent schools & no trouble parking. Ever.

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      Is TJK Cafe a diner or a restaurant? A friend of mine, usually with good taste, recommended this place.

      1. re: dhammer53

        Moderately price restaurant with good salads, fresh fish, good baby back ribs and nice desserts. Reasonably priced. Try their white wine sangria.

    2. The Vespa on Northern used to be pretty OK - dunno if it's still there or not. (I don't know if it was in LI or Queens.)

      Lots of good Korean places as you get closer to Flushing - around Bell Blvd.

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        there's a dae dong which is serviceable, its on northern blvd near the cross island expressway; overall decent place, good naengmyun in the summer if that's what you're into.

      2. Kebab House has pretty decent Turkish food, also nearby Le Baraka.

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          been to both (although a while ago) and had some nice meals. classy places, not hole in the wall kebab storefronts.

        2. Northern Manor on Northern, a little west of LN Parkway, for Cantonese.
          Santoor on Union, east of LN Parkway, for Indian.

          1. Many good places. Name the cuisine and we'll make recommendations.

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              Thanks for the help everyone. All this positive feedback about the food makes me/us happier about the move. To answer your question- we love all kinds of food, as long as its good- especially Indian, Mexican and Thai.

              1. re: mdog

                you're relatively close to floral park so you've got tons of indian places; santoor, and even bombay sizzlers is good. also, lots of snack places; dosas you can get on hillside and 249th, I believe.

                as for thai, probably nothing special, all generic type places, and mexican as well, you might just have typical chinese tex-mex and no real taquerias, unfortunately.