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Mar 22, 2007 10:02 AM

Hunt Valley-area local farm stands/markets?

Can anyone recommend any good farmstead markets or stands in the area around Hunt Valley/Monkton? We're thinking of driving down from Harrisburg via I-83 on Saturday and are hoping to find some good locally-produced food to take home.

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  1. I am pretty sure there is one at Shawan Road (west exit) and Falls Road.
    Theres always Wegmans!

    1. It is still too early for a proper farmer's market and the best ones are actually in the city of Baltimore itself-Waverly and the downtown market.

      However, having said that you may be interested in the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish Market. They occupy an old supermarket off York Road right around the corner from Wegmans. While the produce won't be anything to write home about this time of year, the bakery section will be excellent, filled with traditional Amish delicacies including buns, cakes and pies.

      1. I did hit the Wegmans on Saturday, but I also found a wonderful farm in Sparks that raises pastured and heritage poultry/fowl, lamb, swine, and beef. They sell right on the farm and have eggs - chicken, duck, and goose - as well as a variety of fresh meats. I have to say I was impressed, and there's nothing quite like seeing a verdent pasture filled with strutting Bourbon Bronze turkeys! (

        1. stop by Springfield farm on Yeoho road
          they have free range chicken that is awesome!

          Tell them that sister Dyan sent you!

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            The beef from Springfield farms is the best I have found in the area. No antibiotics or hormones and dry-aged.

            P.S. Don't tell anyone. I want this place to myself.