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Mar 22, 2007 09:39 AM

St. Louis Downtown Recommendations?

I'm headed out to St. Louis for the NCAA hockey championships in a few weeks, and I'm looking for some restaurant recommendations. The catch is that my friends and I will be staying downtown (right near the ballpark) and won't have access to a car (unless there's something that's so VERY can't-miss that we'd be remiss not to spring for a cab), so we're limited to what's easily accessible by public transportation or (ideally) within walking distance. Thanks!

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  1. This thread should be helpful for places immediately downtown.

    If you're by the ballpark, you're at a Metrolink stop. Take it in the direction of the Airport/Shrewsbury (the line splits at the Forest Park/DeBaliviere station). The Central West End station drops you just south of a major restaurant district along Euclid Ave. that includes Chez Leon (classic French), Moxy (eclectic modern), Saigon Cafe (Vietnamese) and, several more blocks up, Eau (in the restored Chase Park Plaza, a block west from Euclid on Lindell), Liluma (bistro), Duff's (bistro/pub), Balaban's (upscale eclectic, new chef) and a bunch more I'm probably forgetting.

    The next station west is Forest Park/DeBaliviere, which puts you within a 4-5 block walk of Atlas, a wonderful French-inspired place with a seasonal menu.

    If you take the Shrewsbury line, you can go into Clayton, which is full of restaurants; if you take the Airport line, the next stop west is the Delmar station, which is at the eastern end of the Delmar Loop, a major restaurant, bar and entertainment district. Mirasol, a good pan-Latin restaurant, is very near the station, as is Miss Saigon, a good Vietnamese place.

    1. The hockey tournament will be at the Scottrade Center, the thread that Joe Bonwich referred you to is for the basketball tournament at the Edward Jones Dome. They are on opposite sides of downtown.

      For the Scottrade Center, there are a lot of restaurant choices at Union Station, probably quite crowded. Just west of Union Station is Harry's, with a great view of the skyline. A bit of a walk gets you to the St. Louis Brewery and Tap Room, which will put you in a good mood for a hockey game, and the sticky toffee pudding will be memorable. Try Syberg's on Market if you are a fan of shark; they have some tasty variations.

      You will still be near Metrolink, and you can follow Joe Bonwich's suggestions for places within reach by subway.