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Mar 22, 2007 09:39 AM

Bday cake

Looking for where to buy a bday cake south of 23rd St. that I can pick up on a Sunday. Veniero's has been a fallback but want something new.


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    1. Amy's Bread has great cakes. They have a shop in Chelsea Marketplace. I love their Chocolate Cake - very, very moist. They also make a nice Red Velvet Cake, although I wish they used cream cheese icing instead of buttercream.

      1. Black Hound! Very near Veniero's, on 2nd Ave bet. 11th and 12th Streets, I believe. I'm going to pick up a birthday cake there today, actually. Not your conventional cake-y cakes - they carry cakes with hazelnut cake and mocha buttercream, etc. I recommend the Busy Bee cake with chocolate, almonds, and marzipan, which is the one I'm going to buy tonight.

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            So I picked up a Busy Bee cake and a mini version of a new cake - the Tropical cake. It's lemon? buttercream frosted vanilla cake with bananas and toasted coconut - really good! Very pretty too, with cherry blossom-y design. They have another lemon curd cake that looks just like it, but the flowers are yellow, not orange. Mmmm.

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              sounds yummy .... two of my favorites....bananas and coconut. must try soon. i wish they would open more branches on BH in the city.

          1. Cupcake Cafe has an outpost on 18th St between 5th & 6th inside Books of Wonder.