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Mar 22, 2007 09:08 AM

Don't throw that lime wedge at me, I'm asking this on behalf of my wife!

Hi.. The wife really enjoys the seasonally-offered crispy shrimp tacos at Rubios here in Los Angeles. ( I know there are better to be had elsewhere, including the ones at Hot's in Granada Hills, our neighborhood). Does anyone who does not disdain Rubios (on principle, as a Chain) know whether their crispy shrimp tacos are available presently in Los Angeles? Thanks!

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  1. I've seen them at the Belmont Shore branch, but I haven't been down there in over a month. They do advertise them on the website, so I'd think they'd be available all over.

    And for the record, for a chain they're pretty darn good. I'll take a Rubio's fish taco over a McDonald's fish sandwich any day!

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    1. I know for sure they're available at the Rubio's in Stadium Towers in Anaheim so I assume they're available elsewhere in the region.

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        Yup! They have them by Howard Hughes...


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          Thank you, Das (and Dommy and Rummy and rjw) for confirming this. The wife will be gratified and satisfied!

        2. When I went to Pinkberry this weekend in Marina del Rey (Lincoln and Maxella), I saw a large crispy shrimp taco sign up in the Rubio's window.