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Mar 22, 2007 09:02 AM

New and different sandwiches downtown

Looking for unique sandwiches (or other hand held item) or sandwich style places, eat in or take out...what's your favorite?

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    1. Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwich in the east village.

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      1. re: mms

        I'm really excited to try the sardine sandwich at Nicky's. Has anyone tried it?

      2. Province Chinese Canteen on Church St. It always looks sort of empty, but it's really good.

        1. I am really into swich which is on 8th avenue and 15th or something like that. It's great pressed sandwiches. I love the Buffalo Hot Pants the best. Steak Monster is a close 2nd.

          1. I agree with all the postings so far, but I had to throw in 'wichcraft. The marinated anchovy and soft boiled egg sandwich is to die for!