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Mar 22, 2007 08:55 AM

Casual, late night supper

Some friends and I will be in lower Manhattan for a concert soon and are trying to find a place for dinner afterwards. The show will probably be over around 10:00 pm (so the place can turn into a dance club). It's a rock concert, so we won't be dressed to the nines. Any recommendations for a place that has good food, is a pretty good scene without being dressy, and serves fairly late?

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  1. Florent, E.U., Mas.
    The Blue Ribbon restaurants are open late and sceney, but I'm not a big fan. There are also a lot more late night restaurants depending on where you plan to dine.

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      My first thought was Florent too - diner feel, very casual but good dishes.
      There is also Diner on 9th Ave
      Pop Burger has a full bar/loungy room in the back and serves good late night food.