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Mar 22, 2007 08:49 AM

My Michy's Review.

We went to Michy's last Saturday 3/17/07. We arrived right at 5:30 for our dinner because we were seeing Wicked that evening and walked in as the servers were finishing up their meeting.

The restaurant has a very casual homey feel to it, servers wearing T-Shirts and jeans, for example. We had pretty much decided on what we were going to eat before getting there from some reviews here and our personal preferences for food.

We started w/ the Tuna Tiradito... this was a pretty basic tuna sashimi w/ shaved Jalepenos, pan toasted garlic and very simple soy based sauce. It was good, but nothing special. We then recieved our next 3 appetizers, half portions of the Scallop special, the White Gazpacho, and the Truffled Polenta. The scallop was excellent.. probably the best dish of the night. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned and served over thinly sliced hearts of palm and segments of various citrus in a simple vinagrette. The Polenta was also great, but i probably would have liked to see it along with a meat in a more serious dish. It was delicious though. I also really enjoyed the Gaspacho... my fiancee did not.

The main dishes were: a paella style rice w/ a serving of Wahoo, the Braised Short Ribs over puree potatoes and the Steak Frite. The Braised Short Ribs were the best dish, but it was nothing special. I had actually planned to make Braised Short Ribs the next day, and honestly my dish was not significantly worse. I think it is hard to make that dish bad. The rice and Wahoo were my least favorite dish by far. The rice was undercooked, and there was a definite crunch to it. The Wahoo i felt was significantly overcooked and was tough and actually was somewhat hard to cut through. I cannot recommend this dish. Finally the Steak Frite was very good but nothing special. We probably should not have ordered this. It's not exactly a dish that lends itself to much creativity. I have made Churrasco and Fries just as good at home.

For dessert we had the Baked Alaska which was excellent. I highly recommend it.

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  1. I was not going to let this mixed review deter me from trying this very hyped place...well tonight was the night! I used LAX's late night strategy so as not to wait for a there just past ten. I went with some of Frod's best suggestions, the white Gazpacho & I am proud to say I tried the Sweetbreads! We started off with the Gazpacho, I still don't know how she gets it white? And added a half order of the Beet salad with blue espuma. Both were excellent and like nothing I have ever seen before. Then we went with three 1/2 orders: Sweetbreads and Veal Cheek Ravioli; Scottish Salmon & the Braised Short Ribs...which was melt in your mouth. If you cook Short Ribs that well at home you are my idol! I was expecting a bone/s...none to be found...Next time I would forgo the Salmon for another dish. It was good and cooked perfectly, but thesauce and other ingredients did not wow me, besides there are other dishes I would like to try. Of course we had to finish things off with TP's suggested Baked Alaska stuffed with chocolate ice cream or was that something else? It was friggin phenomenal! We were in and out in one hour! Add a bottle of water tax and tip and we were out the door for a hundred. I got to say, I liked it and plan to return. I also want to thank you all for your tips and suggestions.


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      The white gazpacho is white b/c it's not tomato-based; I believe the recipe actually historically predates tomato gazpacho (and the introduction of tomatoes into the European diet after Columbus), usually the base is water, bread, almonds & garlic. I suspect Michelle is adding some cream to hers but it could just be the ground almonds that make it so rich.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        who knew? It was definately good, a bit exotic in fact. She's up for the James Beard award. It's a small kitchy type place and a great addition to what is becoming a world class "calle" for cuisine...who knew Biscayne Blvd, aka the Hooker Hway, would become an epicurian's delight? I heard the place across the street UVA is good too. Care to opine?

        1. re: netmover

          UVA does pretty nice "gourmet" sandwiches and recently expanded the menu to include some other cooked items. I had a nice lunch there pretty recently. Have never been in the evening.

      2. re: netmover

        All the bones in my short ribs fell out by themselves by the time the dish was done. All i did was brown the short ribs... remove from pot... add 3 stalks of celery, 3 carots, and 2 med yellow onions all coarsely chopped, saute those for a few min... add back the short ribs, 1 bottle of Cab Sav, 1 quart of beef stock, 8 oz. of crushed tomatoes, 2 bay leaves, and a bouquet garni of rosemary, oregano and thyme. Brought it to a boil, and then put in the oven for about 3.5 hrs at 325 (covered for 2 hrs and uncovered for 1.5). Then removed the ribs, which had lost most of the bones, strained the liquid and put that in a saucier to reduce, keeping the ribs warm in a 200 degree oven. There's a membrane on the ribs where they meet the bone... i removed that and served the ribs w/ the sauce which was reduced enough to coat the back of a spoon. Super easy.

        The Baked Alaska was filled w/ Dulce de Leche Ice Cream i believe.

        I believe there are cucumbers in her gazpacho as well. which would give you the freshness that it had. I couldn't tell if there were grapes in it as well or just in slices on the bottom of the bowl.

        All in all we were happy. Being able to order a bunch of half orders is great. Even though i thought the paella style rice was poorly executed, we had tried so many other dishes that it didn't really bother me or my fiancee that much. If it had been our entree and that was our main dish of the night, i'd have been pissed.

        I feel like she has a few dishes on there that are almost fillers... like the steak frite. They are great, but they are totally unspectacular. They are perfect for someone who doesnt' like to be adventurous.

        1. re: sprmario

          I actually think there's a lot on the menu which is more "favorites" than "fillers." I agree, they're not particularly adventurous or innovative, just things people like (including presumably Michelle).

          In fact, I've previously queried whether Michy's is terribly innovative at all or is simply borrowing a lot of good ideas from other places (unfortunately, every time I suggest this in a post it seems to get removed!). There are a lot of menu items, whether in the combination of ingredients or even the actual presentation, that are very similar to things being done elsewhere. There are also many which are variations on "classic" dishses (steak frites, fettucine carbonara, veal scallopini).

          This doesn't necessarily take away from the place especially if they're done well. It's the nature of the restaurant business that chefs look at what others are doing and then do their own "riff" on it.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Fair enough.

            Even when i see "favorites" on a menu at a top notch restuarant, I expect there to be some sort of take on it that is different and exciting.

            1. re: sprmario

              We went to Michy's last night and were somewhat underwhelmed. We were a bit unsure of how much to order and in retrospect would have ordered differently. We started with the tuna tiradito, which as sprmario said was good but nothing special. We also had a 1/2 order of the white gazpacho and the conch "escargot style". We enjoyed the gazpacho, the conch was literally 2 bites of the fish in a classic butter parsley sauce...I wouldn't have ordered it, but my husband wanted to try it. I wish we had tried the beet salad or truffled polenta. For entrees, my daughter got the short ribs which were excellent yet ordinary, my husband had the fettucine carbonara, wasn't much of an innovative riff on it, just seemed like carbonara. I had the miso glazed cod over bok choy and diced unagi. Very good, but again, nothing special. My daughter had the baked alaska, excellent as reported here, and we shared the apple/pear tarte tatin in a caramel thyme sauce which was even better. All in all, it was average, Chispa the night before was better and Table 8 way better.