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Mar 22, 2007 08:44 AM

Great little Stoneham restaurant -- can't find thread

A while back there was a discussion about a great little restaurant in Stoneham that was tucked back into a strip mall I think. I can't find the thread anywhere. Can you help? Would like to go there tonight. TIA

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  1. Were you thinking of Gaetano's????

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    1. re: BostonBarGuy

      Tres Amigos is "tucked away in a strip mall in Stoneham".....

        1. re: shaebones

          No, not tres amigos or gaetano's. Oy, I just realized I screwed up. It's in Wakefield. Somewhere near North Avenue. I think it was Greek. I guess I'll repost. In the meantime, does this ring a bell in Wakefield?

            1. re: Aquila

              Yes, she does! Many thanks. I'm heading off there tonight.

              1. re: Trixie Too

                HAH - you're excused. Have fun and tell us all about it. I have yet to try Zalek's, so I'm interested.

                1. re: Gio

                  Zalek's rules!!! I think it was me that discovered it. :)