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Mar 22, 2007 08:23 AM

Harris Crab House

My brother's coming into town and wants to do the crab thing. We ususally go to Cantler's, but I'd like to try somewhere new. I've been to Mike's once, but I'm thinking of trying Harris Crab House. How does it compare with the other two? Is there a nice waterfront view?

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  1. I was just there the Saturday before last, crabs were actually pretty good for reheated (too busy to steam to order), the view is really nice, our waitress was great. I like it better then Mikes. I like Cantlers but not my favorite crab place.

    1. Never been to Mike's, but have been to Harris and Cantlers. Harris is much better, and the view is better by a long shot. They have indoor dining with tall windows (high bar tables in the center) and outdoor bench seating for a great view of the bay.

      If warm enough, you can even sit on their rooftop deck which offers a great view of the bay (Cantler's view is of a small creek). Sunset time is the best. Also, Harris has a small boardwalk that's open during the warmer months. Try their crabcake sandwich since local crabs are not in season yet.

      1. I try to hit Harris on my way back from the beach, great view and nice specials.

        1. Harris is a must stop every time I traverse Kent Narrows. Solid seafood and very kid friendly. I always pick up some quarts of the Red Crab Soup and the Cream of Crab Soup to-go before I leave. They freeze quite nicely for storage.

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            Another good place to get soup is Annapolis Seafood, a seafood market that has a hot food counter. They have the cream of crab, the maryland crab, and also the seafood gumbo.