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Mar 22, 2007 07:57 AM

Rezzazz in Asheville

Went back to Rezzazz's last night. Hadn't been there in over a year and had a pretty good meal. The space in there is large and open and it can get pretty loud, but after the table of six left at the start of our meal,my wife and I were able to have a nice conversation without shouting. Service was excellent, our server was attentive and very pleasant. Our wine glass was never empty and plates and silverware removed and replaced when needed. We ordered a 2000 Viva Alberdi Reserva Tempernillo, $37. Very nice, They have a good inexpensive wine list with a lot of choices.
For the foods:
An Amuse was brought immediately, 2 Creampuffs filled with a parmesan cream filling. The puff was a little flat maybe sat around too long? We needed to ask the server the filling, we both new it was a little cheesy but the flavor and saltiness of the parmesan didn't come through. It was decorated with a floral like display of pickled red onion, which had a good flavor. For the first course my wife ordered the crab cake. Beautifully presented and shaped vertically, it was crusty on the outside, had nice chunks of crab, moist and flavored with middle eastern spices. It was surrounded by a sweet potato granish. She loved it (I only got one taste!) The only thing I wasn't partial to was the little taste of cinnamon with the crab. Not two flavors I thought worked well together. I ordered the charcoal grilled baby octopus with greens, roasted pepper, pickled red onion and a balsamic vinagrette. Excellent! Great vinagrette, not overpowering and the octopus was done perfectly, not too chewy with great grilled flavor. Main course for me was the Jumbo shrimp with mushroom risotto topped with spinach and cured bacon. Seven perfectly cooked and seasoned shrimp over the risotto and topped with the bacon and spinachOverall the dishes flavors were a success but... way too much bacon made the salt and smoky flavor present in every bite I ate (my wife didn't care for it), also because of that the risotto didn't have much of a mushroom flavor. My wife ordered the crusted scallops with a lime aoili, spaghetti squash and baby green beans. The scallops were cooked perfectly, super tender, the aoili was a great accompaniment and the squash and beans good. For dessert we had a slice of riccotta, espresso cheese cake. For me not what I expected it was good don't get me wrong, but I didn't think it did it's name justice. It was topped with a strawberry glaze, between that and a lemony flavor the espresso flavor did not come through. This is about the 6th time I've eaten here and the food is always good. The menu is limited and seafood heavy with a beef, duck, chicken and lamb choice. With some specials thrown in as well. I was disappointed last night because one of my favorites a tagine dish was not on the menu. I think the prices are reasonable and all in all a good meal!

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