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Mar 22, 2007 07:54 AM

Corporate lunch catering in CC?

Trying to plan a casual lunch at my office - gourmet sandwiches and yummy desserts? Any great ideas of a place that delivers?

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    1. Day by Day at 21st & Sansom. Exactly what you're looking for and far superior to Marathon.

      1. I heard Whole Foods does nice stuff like this, surprisingly reasonably priced. Thank you.

        1. Try Picnic (3131 Walnut St). We recently had a work lunch catered by them and they had amazing lunch boxes. They delivered to us here in University city, but they probably deliver many places throughout the city. Their number is (215) 222-1608. Plus you're supporting local food suppliers!
          We've had many work lunches catered by Day by Day and I find their food boring and non-gourmet.

          1. MANNA Catering. Check them out at

            They are wonderful, will work with your requests, and all profits go directly to MANNA, the Philadelphia non-profit that delivers care and hope by nourishing people at acute nutritional risk due to a life-threatening illness in the Delaware Valley.

            I strongly recommend them!

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              I second that - MANNA is great and you get to feel good about about it too! We use them all the time!