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Mar 22, 2007 07:42 AM

Good Cheap Near NYC Main Library?

I need to meet someone for lunch near the main librabry branch at Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street. Are there any good cheap places to eat near there? If so, what are they?


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  1. There is a Chipotle's acroos the street on 42nd for cheap chain pseudo-Mexican that is pretty good. Or for a little more money you could walk down to Grand Sichuan on 34th. You might also want to check the boards for posts about street carts as there are supposed to be some very good ones in the area.

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    1. re: deepyarn

      The cart on 40th & 5th is very good.

    2. Absolutely go to "Dishes" located on 45th between 5th and Madison. There's nothing fresher and better!

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        This is the second thread where you've recommended Dishes. On the other thread, you said it was "Awesome." I've never heard of it, so I checked Menupages. Seems it's a chain with 4 locations in midtown. What exactly makes you say it's "Awesome"? Not the kind of hyperbole I generally use for a sandwich shop, which is what, in essence, these places are.

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          hi there...great question! i take care of the daily catered lunches for my company, and i get to single-handedly choose where to order from. i had read about dishes prior to them opening a year ago. before i ordered lunch from them, i visited their 45th street location and was amazed at how clean it could have literally eaten off of the floor. secondly, the food kept me going back for more. the ingredients are of the highest quality and everything is homemade.
          it's not a fancy restaurant, or one that you and your friends would go to for a nice evening out, BUT it's a fabulous lunch/casual dinner spot.

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            I haven't been there in a while, but it is one of my favorites. While I normally dislike salad bar type places, this one is so far above the norm it is worth going. Nothing is what you would expect - it is all interesting, high quality, impeccably fresh - the kinds of things you would make at home. Always mobbed tho because it's so darn good. I always wind up spending more than I intended!

      2. Zeytinz grocery (on 40th near 5th. next to a magazine store, Bryant Park) for dessert. Food is not bad, either. Very pleasant - if you are not meeting anyone (or even if you are) it's a good snack place. I go there whenever I visit the library. A couple of tables in the back of the store even when upstairs is not open.

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        1. cafe zaiya or yagura on 41st between 5th and mad.

          1. wichcraft is right there.