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Mar 22, 2007 07:26 AM

Something Kind of Like Freeman's

But not.

Mainly because for a group of 10 they require a prix fixe menu which doesn't work for the group.

Similar Prices.

Good Ambiance.

Can take 10 on Tuesday.

Why can't I think of anything? Am I this lame?

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    1. goblin market
      blue ribbon
      salt bar (have had mixed experiences)

      cookshop's great as well. and not sure about the group of 10 on any, but worth a shot...

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      1. I like where you all are thinking. Right up my alley. I like Salt Bar, Blue Ribbon and Goblin Market but none of those places take a res...

        LES or EV suggestions?

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        1. re: hominaray

          knife+fork takes reservations but prob too small a place to accommodate.

          not necess like freemans, but the e.u. is a decent choice for larger groups. varied menu, good atmosphere, and now a full liquor license.

          if you were willing to cross the billburg bridge, i'd say dressler would be ideal.

          still thinkin....

          1. re: thievery

            I ate at knife+fork with 7 and we were fine -- I can definitely imagine them squeezing in 3 more. The only drawback here might be that you *have* to do the tasting menu with parties larger than 6. I enjoyed it and thought it was a great value ($45pp) but it's not for picky eaters, since the chef kind of makes it up on the spot.

            If you do go to knife + fork, get a bottle of the albariƱo or the morgon (or both, like we did). Both were outstanding, well-priced and very food friendly.

          2. Maybe Little Giant? It's got that similar cozy comfort food vibe, though is maybe a touch more expensive. The food is wonderful but unfortunately the service is not (slow and inflexible, in my experience), so bear that in mind when booking for a big group.