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Mar 22, 2007 07:26 AM

Square Knishes? Somebody, anybody?

Does anyone know where I can find SQUARE knishes in the area? I'm in the northern burbs, but would most certainly travel into the city or to the main line or whatever for a good, square knish like I used to get in New York.

Round knishes just aren't the same... you don't get those heavenly crispy corners to dip in mustard. I can't believe I haven't found them yet... somebody must have a place!

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. They normally have them (from NY) at the Kosher Experience in the Shop Rite in Cherry Hill, NJ. However, they are now chock full of Passover stuff and probably won't have them back in till the end of April. Thank you.

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        Try Kotch's Deli in West Philly at 43 and Chestnut. I know they have knishes and they've been called the best Jewish Deli outside of Brooklyn.

        1. re: ms020

          OMG is Koch's is a wonderful deli altho I haven't been there in years. I recall that they carried round knishes.

          Re: square ones, almost all of the Shop Rite's carry a brand called 'Joshua' in the deli section. I was in the Kosher Connection inside the Cherry Hill store on Sunday and only could find round knishes. Very doughy pastry.

      2. So Funny I have been here about 3 1/2 years and I have yet to find one. I can't believe 4th Street Deli doesn't have them. I would love to know if you find them. It's all about the crunchy corners, I totally agree.

        1. Found them packaged in a Wegman's Supermarket recently. Same name as was sold on the streets of NY (though of course I can't remember what it is at this sec).

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            Wegman's kosher section in Cherry Hill has one of the best (round) potato knishes I have tried over the years. The only square one I remember having was at a Nathan's hot dog stand, and it wasn't close to as tasty as Wegman's or the bakery in NE Phila, name escapes me...