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Mar 22, 2007 07:22 AM

Business lunch near Spring & Lafayette-Need Help

I need some CH help on this. I have to set up a business lunch for 2 near an office located on Spring and Lafayette. My guest prefers French, and Balthazar was the perfect choice, but we have been there too many times. Can anyone recommend a restaurant for lunch within 3-5 blocks of that general area? I am thinking South of Houston and West of the Bowery. It is important that the room be large enough so we are able to talk so Barmarche is out. It does not have to be French, good food and the ability to hold a conversation is most important. A lot of the restaurants in that area that I go to for dinner are closed for lunch. All suggestions appreciated!

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  1. How about Lure Fishbar or Zoe, both on Prince?

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    1. re: Katherine H

      I had thought of Zoe but my lunch is on Monday and they are closed that day. I have not been to Lure though.

    2. Aquagrill but I dont know if thats too far west for you.

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      1. re: csw

        I wish it was closer, Aquagrill is a favorite of mine.

      2. Le Jardin Bistro, Clevland Place or Parigot on Grand and Lafayette.

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        1. re: stuartlafonda

          Parigot is closed on Mondat but Le Jardin Bistro looks interesting. I have not been there though, is it large enough to hold a conversation or is it more like Barmarche? Thanks for the rec

        2. i go to Lure for my biz type occasions. great sushi btw. jerry's is always too loud and not ideal for talking.

          1. Mercer Kitchen is next to Lure. Haven't been.
            Bar Martignetti is bistro-y. Probably too loud for a business meeting?