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Mar 22, 2007 07:15 AM


has anybody been to mimosa since it opened? havent heard much bout it lately...or habitat for that matter!!

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  1. A group of 10 of us were there on sunday for brunch at 12:30 pm. Food was average...service awful. May have been understaffed...One of the 2 freshly squeezed juices was unavailable. Had to repeatedly asked for water glasses and coffee to be refilled. Steak frites was served without the reduction sauce, when this was pointed out, the plates were not returned to the kitchen and (much later after steaks almost finished or gone) we were served dipping cups of a luke warm juice (to pour over the steaks I guess). Plates placed before the wrong people were up to us to sort out and pass around...One late arrival (around1:15) was given a dinner menu instead of the brunch...just generally a bit scrambled and slow. Sorry had a bad day.

    1. Actually, we were at Habitat this past weekend. I'll post a review in a separate thread so it can be easily searched for within the site, should anyone else be curious.

      1. i was there this past summer for an early sunday dinner, I had a similar experience, poor service and marginally average food............i don't think i'll go back.