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Mar 22, 2007 06:50 AM

Beef Jerky

Hounds, what is your favorite store-bought brand. I'm too busy these days to think about making my own. I tried a great nitrates-free brand about a month ago and forget the name.
Thanks all

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  1. I like Jack Link's products when I am grabbing jerky from the grocery store. The only flavor of their jerky that I don't care for is Peppered - something is just not quite right.

    Jack Link's Tender Cuts are actually very good as well.

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    1. re: CDouglas

      I second the Jack Link's, especially Teriyaki.

    2. If you can find it in your area. The Jim Beam beef jerky is absolutely fantastic.


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        If you are in an area that has Mexican markets, go to the meat counter and ask for carne secca. Most make their own in house ... no preservatives and at a better price than the packaged stuff.

      2. Thanks everyone! I know I can get Jack Links and think I can get Jim Beam if I travel up to NH. RWOrange, I do have Hispanic markets but in my area I *think* they're mostly Dominican and P.R. I will give it a shot and also consult the yellow pages. Thank you!

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          I love the beef jerky from Red Rock Beef Jerky in Gallup, NM. It's probably not available in stores outside of NM, but can be ordered here:

          The lemon pepper is really good. My husband and I both thought the teriyaki was too sweet and chewy -- much like mass-market jerky.