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Mar 22, 2007 06:25 AM

Croton Creek Steakhouse - Croton Falls, NY

Has anyone been or heard reviews? I'm meeting some girlfriends in the area and was wondering if this is the type of place where you can sit in the bar and order some appetizers, or if it's more of a sit down restaurant. Thanks.

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  1. The food was ok. The service was terrible. Have you ever been to a place where the waitress just disapears? Very pricey!!

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      1. The other evening I visited Croton Creek, a steakhouse in Croton Falls NY, for the first time. My experience was not pleasant. I have visited several steakhouses throughout the U.S. The American steakhouse is part of a tradition, and as an upscale steakhouse that can charge 92 dollars for a two person Porterhouse (aged) and 47 for a one person Porterhouse (also aged) should be able to back those prices up with both exceptional and attentive service and great meat.

        At Croton Creek, I visited with a group of 7 people (all adults, ordering both alcohol and a full entrée and 4 apps to share). In large groups service can always be tricky, so I understand a service glitch here or there. Unfortunately the service failed to ask if we wanted the bottled water that they removed from our table setting, and then failed to ask if we wanted plain tap. After a thorough run down of specials and wine by the Maitre d'hotel (she did an excellent job), no one asked if we wanted water. I had to request it, and it still took several minutes. As the night went on, a repeated problem came up with the clearing of our plates early without being asked, and at one point clearing a plate while a member of the party was in the restroom. To me, the most egregious error of the evening was the "calling out the entrée" moment. At a BBQ or Chinese restaurant this might be ok, but at a steakhouse charging $10 - $15 an appetizer, and $25 - $50 an entrée, You have to get this right. Any waiter will tell you to know your seating and know their orders. When the server came with plates of sides (also $6 - $8 dollars each), the waitress told her to just "put them anywhere". When we asked for the sauce ($3 charge for most sauces and accoutrements) for our friends steak was, another 3 or 4 minutes went by while his steak cooled and rested. When I cut into my "rare" t-bone ($32), and my girlfriend cut into her "medium rare" filet ($36 for 7oz) they were both over done by one step. Instead, my medium rare T-Bone was chewy and only the slightest bit red. My guess is that meat was fired too early and left to rest too long, but that's only a guess.

        As a birthday party, we had asked, and they had kindly accepted, to allow us to bring a cake into the restaurant. They brought it out with candles, we sang, and they took it away. After we had all received our slices, no one ever asked if we would like coffee or after dinner drinks…the waitress did stop by to ask us if we would donate our last slice of cake to the kitchen staff. At that point we agreed begrudgingly (the cake had been specially requested by the birthday boy) agreed. In retrospect, it was rude to ask and we should not have been put in that situation.

        In the end, the service and food at Croton Creek was lacking on all accounts. I will not return, and I am not looking for restaurant hand outs. My only hope is that the restaurant will find ways to do better by their patrons, and that positive reviews will start showing up.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. The original comment has been removed