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Mar 22, 2007 06:03 AM

What happened to Bo Ling's in Bonita Springs?

Last Sunday we went with some friends to Bo Ling's in Bonita Springs for dim sum, and the place was CLOSED FOR GOOD. Gasp! This is the only place I know of near Naples that serves good dim sum from carts on weekends. Anyone know what happened to them? Any other suggestions for dim sum? Help! I feel myself slipping into withdrawal!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea. I was just there a few weeks ago for dinner. It wasn't very busy, which is unusual for any restaurant around here during the season. They had some dishes I enjoyed but on this visit the quality was lacking. Their dim sum was very respectable. It will be missed. I just called and got a strange message stating the Embarq voice mail is filled. Not a good sign. RIP.

    1. An article in the paper said they couldn't get enough help during the season and couldn't keep busy enough in the summer...

      1. The sold the property for a lot of money and left us here very very sad!!!

        1. Just noticed this post but was thrilled to see Bo Ling's closed when we returned back for the winter (we live across the street). Having traveled all over the place (including Asia), I can say in all honesty that Bo Ling's in Bonita Springs was one of the worst Chinese restaurants I have ever eaten at. I guess the top Chinese restaurant in Kansas City just can't cut it outside corn county. The worst Chinese restaurant in New York City's Chinatown is better than this place. RIP.