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Mar 22, 2007 05:38 AM

Finz, anyone been?

the new location in dedham opens friday night? any opinions?

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  1. been a few times to Salem. cocktails and oysters are always top notch but most other menu items have been hit/miss for me. the outside deck (Salem) is sweet in the summah.

    1. i used to live in salem and tried that location a few times. agree with scubasteve about the oysters. that's it. winelist is mediocre, food badly executed (although fried oysters were decent) and service from ok to awful. it always bothered me, because i wanted to like it. owner was very nice, very accomodating and they spent a fortune renovating it from the hole it had been.

      worth trying, because their intentions always seemed good!

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        Obviously the waterfront is a big part of the draw but I've actually had some very pleasant experiences at Finz. They were very accommodating when I wanted a baked stuffed lobster during the lunch hour even though it wasn't on the menu, and I enjoy the buffalo calarmari, but the service can be spotty. The first time I went in the waitress was so rude that I left without ordering.

        1. re: Pegmeister

          Big group of us going after work next Thursday - will report back as I'm eager to see how it is.

          1. re: kparke30

            My family of foodies consider Finz in Salem to be just ordinary. Pleaseant, nice view, adequate and friendly service...but still ordinary food. OTOH: I really liked their oysters last time we went.

            1. re: Gio

              Four of us were in Salem yesterday and wanted a couple drinks and a snack. We arrived at around 4PM. The place was probably 1/10th full. Asked to sit outside, but this was against the policy as I had advised we were not eating a full dinner (this was my big mistake; I should have just asked to be seated outside and left it at that). I asked if an exception to the policy might be made given the place was basically empty and we had out of town guests; this was impossible. We graciously accepted our lot and asked to sit near the window. This too was impossible, but a "special exception" was made to permit us to sit at the high tables with sort of a crappy view. Absent the "special exception" I guess my wife and 70 year old inlaws would have been expected to saddle up to the bar or something. We were dressed nicely, were polite and pleasant, and spent close to a hundred dollars in about an hour. Oysters were delicious, calamari was not bad, and service after this train wreck was pretty good, but this was my second and last trip to Finz.

              1. re: drbangha

                with the place as (not) full, or even close i would of walked. unless they were fully reserved at 5pm this was poor customer service.

      2. Have been to the Salem one only for a rehearsal dinner -- it was very good for a large dinner (had salmon and a good salad and something in the molten choco cake range I think) like that. It had a large function room upstairs and was all just . . .fine. But a function dinner isn't much to go by.

        1. You eat at Finz for the atmosphere, for the buffalo calamari and the oysters. Aside from that, you go to Grapevine for a good pricier meal and to Ye Olde Spot for the best pub grub I've ever had. As for dedham, no se.

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