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Mar 22, 2007 04:42 AM

Help! moving to Great/Little Neck

Just bought a place on the border of little neck (queens) and great neck (long island), Love good food. What's good to eat in that area??

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  1. Here are a number of places, all on the Great Neck side:

    Pancho's: reasonable Tex Mex on Grace Avenue

    Luger's (of course) - on Northern Blvd.

    Japanese - there a a zillion places. I like Daruma on Middle Neck Rd. for sushi, and

    Hinata on Bond St. for a nicer atmosphere

    Chinese: Wild Ginger (in the Waldbaum's shopping center) is the best, although for a more traditional American Chinese menu Pearl East (across from Macy's) is pretty good, as is White Pearl (on Great Neck Rd.)

    Pizza: I like Gino's the best, but there are others

    The Thai place by the movie theater is good, although every Thai restaurant in this space closes due to lack of demand.

    I also like Starfish Too in the Waldbaum's shopping center.

    Welcome to town.

    1. In the strip mall just off the LIE exit for Little Neck (#32) on the north side of the LIE where Mazur's (kosher market and restaurant) will find excellent pizza - Center I believe it is called and a great bagel bakery. Other than that, can't help you since I've never lived over there but do get off the LIE for both places.

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        Also the restaurant part of Mazurs itself isn't that bad, like them a bit better than Deli King. While they don't serve the big dessert plate, I tend to find the food superior.

      2. What is good in Great Neck?
        Will agree with most of what Lloyd has to say, however I have few notable places to mention:

        Mangia Bene, way up Middle Neck Road, but best Southern Italian food in town. The all inclusive dinners are not bad for the price you pay.

        Scobee, and Seven Seas are reasonably good diners, Scobee I recommend the turkey burger, Seven Seas, the chopped turkey steak dinner. Both have above average diner fare.

        Harvest Buffet, can be loads of fun the first times you try it, while they have all the mainstays of the typical Chinese buffets, they also have some things you usually have to go to Flushing to get! I've always found the sushi good, and if you look at the back by the desserts, they have an excellent tapioca/taro soup. Don't forget the unlimited bubble tea.

        Greek Isles on Northern Boulevard I usually find very good, usually go for the gyros, but end up getting something else off the menu.

        For good Indian, Glenn Oaks, Santoor on Union Turnpike, in the shopping center with the Burlington Coat Factory and McDonalds. While I've been let down by the sunday buffet they are excellent for an evening meal.

        1. Oh also, not in Little Neck but up the road - not that far - in Douglaston - Il Tuscano. It's high end (pricey) but fantastic and fresh Italian - mostly tuscan and northern Italian as the name implies. It's wonderful.

          1. contis, on northern blvd, just west of mcdonalds