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Mar 22, 2007 03:57 AM

Unforgettable dining recs for dad and 10 year old daughter

Bonjour mes fellow foodies!
I'm trying to make some recs for my friend who is travelling to Paris end of next week for 8 days with his daughter on her first time trip. While she eats like a bird, I'm looking for a restaurant that will be flexible by offering her roast chicken or pasta, etc.

I've been a frequent visistor and used to live in Paris years ago but am not as current on the most up to date news except for what I read on Chowhound.
Here are my recs:

-La Cagouille- was thinking of this for Sunday night as I've been there instead of L'Ami Louis, the latter which I've read on recent posts is not what it was
-Le Procope - I know this may be touristy but thought it would be a good historical experience for her. Should I skip it and find another place? Is there a restaurant called 1869 which is a type of "musuem" eating experience I heard about once?
- Ze Kitchen Gallerie
-Les Petits Marsellais is this a good place? Never been here
-Le Petit Troquet - never been here either
- Cafe Marly and L'As du Falafel for lunch when they are at the Louvre and Marais, respectively. What's a great lunch spot near Musee Nissim de Camondo in the Parc Monceau area? What about a great lunch spot near the Eiffel Tower off the Champ des Mars or near Les Invalides?
-Le Vieux Bistrot at night on L'ile St. Louis - unless you recommend another restaurant on the island which is much better. I know there are several...
- La Coupole - while I used to love this place for what it is, I know this is formulaic as far as it being one in a "chain", is there another grand old bistro which will be total drama in it's architecture and the food is excellent?
- a few places to eat in the 16th at night for dinner as options (they're staying at the Sofitel Hotel Dokhans)
- Ethnic - what fantastic thai or vietnamese is there along with an Italian option?
-I've got Angeline down as well as many of the other classics.

I truly want this trip for them to be perfect and was hoping that someone could respond.
Je vous remercie!!!

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  1. Italian, I can recommend Chez Enzo on Rue Dragon in the 7th (just below St Germain du Pres)

    great food, ask for a table downstairs where the arched ceiling and red velvet boothes are so full of ambiance. Moderately priced but fantastic food -- I recommend the arrabiata, lasagna, truffle risotto, artichoke app, asparagus app.

    1. My observation is that very few restaurants have menu's for children. Every time I see French families dining together the kids are enjoying the same food as their parents. I suspect French kids are not allowed to be fussy eaters and are served "real" food from an early age.

      That said, most menu's will have small/simple dishes that are suitable - you will just need to choose carefully. Don't be afraid of ordering a first course for the main meal (my wife will often have two first courses and no main).

      And the big positive is that kids are treated with respect by restaurants and not an inconvenience (French kids also tend to know how to behave as they are socialized to restaurant dining from an early age).

      Bottom line - follow your instinct, choose restaurants you will enjoy and your daughter is certain to enjoy them as well.

      1. oh, one thing about L'As du Falafel -- remember to tell them about the non-smoking room. It's right next door, but it's not attached, there's a separate entrance. It's a lot nicer to sit there, not as frantic and the same yummers food. I'm thinking standing and eating a falafel might be a bit much for a little girl (it was hard for unco-ordinated me).