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Mar 22, 2007 01:56 AM

Restaurant near AT&T Park

My friends and I are going to a wedding at AT&T park. Yes, a wedding! It is a day game and the food plan is "typical baseball" food...hotdogs, nachos, beer.

We feel that we are going to be in desperate need of a great dinner after that. Not sure what is around there, but there are 5 of us. Two are vegetarians and the rest of us are meat eaters. Medium price range ($$-$$$ per OpenTable) and good for conversation, but not TOO fancy in case we do get into those beers! Plus, we will be dressed for a baseball game.

Appreciate any ideas!

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  1. Tres Agaves, Bacar and Coco 500 are all very close by. Don't know about the attire.

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      Bacar just had a big shakeup in the past few weeks. Previous reports may no longer reflect the current situation.


    2. Slanted Door. No brainer for me.

      1. Not always popular on this board but we've had several very good meals at the Thirsty Bear. Tapas, interesting drinks and more beer. They can accommodate both meat eaters and the rest of us.

        1. I haven't tried it, but Acme Steakhouse is right at AT&T Park so that would be very convenient. Also a new place near the ball park area is called District (216 Townsend St) that's more a bar with really fun food.

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            Acme is quite good but very crowded on game days. Make a reservation or you will have a long wait.

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              Acme would have been my recommendation were it not for the fact that two of the group are vegetarians: it is not a good location for vegetarians. Reservations are a *must* on game days.

            2. I 2nd the reqs for bacar and coco500. Tres agaves would be good if you DID get into the beer, but it can be loud if you're looking for conversation.
              I'd add zuppa to the list, too.
              zuppa and coco500 are more in your price range than bacar, too.