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Les Sisters- Utter Dissapointment

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Ok, so after 55 minutes of waiting, and observing 3 parties that came after us getting their food already, I had to ask for our bill for our two sodas.

The drink waitress says "don't you want your food?"
"We've been waiting an hour, and apparently our food isn't here so can we get our check?"
"Wait let me check"

5 minutes later our food comes out, that is 1 hour after we ordered, my fried chicken was burnt and my GF's Creole Shrimp was bland at best.

Was it worth waiting an hour? Yea right! Is it worth going back there? I'd rather eat durian.

Lesson Learned: Les Sisters should be renamed to Les Disasters

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  1. Wow, what a disaster! I worked nearby last summer and they were a frequent lunch stop. I always had a good lunch with no delays.

    1. I went once (only once). I ordered the "spicy" fried chicken. Well, if that was spicy, I'd hate to taste the regular. It had absolutely no flavor and I was disappointed. My mom ordered the hush puppies and a po' boy which she loved. The hush puppies were great and we ate all of hers! I think I remember liking the greens as well. Their sweet potato pie was good also.

      1. Well, I live down the road and passes this joint often. Always looking for an excuse to vist. Now I don't need an excuse. I know what Durian tastes like!

        1. I went to Les Sisters one time looking for good quality soul food. I ordered a little bit of everything as I was anxious to find some GOOD soul food in the valley........I was sorely disappointed, no flavor on anything with barely ok little soggy, fried chicken I know it's supposed to be Louisiana style soul food but there wasn't any spiciness to any of the dishes and most of the food was so bland.. Avoid this place like the plaque...... head over to Moms BBQ in Van Nuys or down in the city to one of the M&M soul food joints you will be really much happier that you did...

          1. I travel for work and eat in cities across the country and can say, without a doubt, that Les Sisters is some of the best southern food I've experience. I recently went to a highly recommended soul food restaurant in Seattle with a menu along the same lines, waited over an hour for a table, and was completely unhappy with the food and service. I have experienced mediocre southern and cajun in plenty of other places. Undoubtedly, I've had some that are better as well, as I grew up in the south. Les Sisters blows the majority out of the water though.

            Sitting down and looking around it looks pretty legit to me. I counted 12 tables, and 9 of them were filled. Not bad for a small cafe on a Wednesday night. A quick look at the hot sauce revealed Red Rooster which is a must have if you want to be taken seriously as a southern/soul food restaurant. The main ingredient is cayenne peppers, not vinegar.


            My only complaint was that they had no Sweet Tea, but the Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (2.95) was out of this world. It was unsweetened as well, which made it sorta tart. I like that, but they bring a whole jar of sugar and warm you ahead of time to use it if you like your lemonade sweet. I used a touch, but didn't want to over sweeten it and have it taste like the county fair.


            After getting my drink situated I had my server introduce herself, and she was more than friendly. I asked her about a couple menu items and she kindly explained the preparation, as I was aware that they server soul, cajun, and creole dishes, which are all distinctly different. I decided on the Catfish n' Hush Puppies (12.95) after she explained to me that it was cornmeal coated and lightly fried. Some faux southern places are known to batter their catfish and call it southern fried. I chose Macaroni & Cheese and Collard Greens and my sides to keep with the southern/soul theme, even though I was tempted to go with the Red Beans & Rice. When they brought out my meal, my mouth immediately began to water with anticipation.


            Catfish - Firm fish and the light crust. It was the perfect cornmeal catfish. A+
            Collard Greens - Great with the Onions & Ham Hocks, but needed Hot Sauce. A-
            Mac & Cheese - Super Cheesy, like the Mac wasn't even there.Could be thicker. B+
            Hush Puppies - Not southern, but might be the best I've had. A+
            Corn Muffin - Sweet, Soft, Fluffy....BUT NO BUTTER? B-

            Without any real complaints, the only things left on my plate were Tarter Sauce and Malt Vinegar.


            I was too filled up to eat dessert, but couldn't pass up Bourbon Bread Pudding (as tempting as the Buttermilk Pie looked) so I ordered it to go. The waitress gave me advice on reheating it to make sure I really enjoyed it. I just finished it, and it was some of the best Bread Pudding I've had. May have been even better had it not been in a hotel room.


            Overall Experience gets an even A.

            I'd love to have a place like this around the corner from my house. I recommend anyone that had a bad experience give it a second chance. Try doing it on a weeknight when they might not be as busy.

            1. Couldn't disagree more!
              This is one of our favorite restaurants to go to. The food is incredible, authentic and consistent. We love the fact that it's a "hole in the wall", tiny and family owned and operated. We are always greeted with a welcoming smile, and made to feel like they're glad we're there. We've always had good service. But it's the food that brings us back over and over. The Southern Fried Chicken is amazing. Always piping hot, crispy and juicy. I get mine with the BBQ beans and Collard Greens (take your waitresses suggestions and add the hot vinegar to the Collard Greens). My boyfriend gets the Jambalaya or the Filet Gumbo. He likes it hot! And whatever you do, do not leave without having Buttermilk Pie for dessert. If you've never had it, you'll never order anything but. Even if you didn't save room, take some home. It's that good. Les Sisters is a little jewel. Very casual, very affordable and very good.

              1. We live in the area and eat here often, and have never had an experience like this. Yes, the service is a tad slow, but that's because they fry everything when you order it, so it takes a little longer. I am a big fan of their smothered pork chops and the spicy fried chicken, and DH loves the jambalaya. I always get an order of hush puppies and we like the sweet potato and buttermilk pies too.

                1. Have to agree it was disappointing. Been there twice. First time was Ok but not at all comparable to food I had in New Orleans.

                  Second time was a shocker. Had take out and both the pork chops and barbecue chicken were literally burnt until blackened and charred. Either owner does not like people to take out (inexplicably gruff) or he has no pride in upholding the traditions started by the sisters. I would literally have been ashamed to serve it to anyone.

                  Would say the sides were excellent. But the main course is why people pay $$ for the food. Was hoping for much better than this.

                  Far. far inferior to Dr. Hogly Wogly's barbecue in Van Nuys which has been consistently good.

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                    One visit, service was shockingly bad, cannot remember food, just wondering what I did to trigger such bad vibes..