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Mar 22, 2007 01:30 AM

Need Dessert that doubleserves as Breakfast

I want a loaf/bread/cake dessert for Friday night dinner that can doubleserve as Saturday morning breakfast. Any suggestions?

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  1. Baba au Rhum ( I use the Joy of Cooking recipe) is a nice brioche cake with nuts and raisins, and the apricot-rum sauce is a nice morning pick me up! Kind of a production to make, but quite impressive if you have guests.

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      haha...I made one at christmas and ate if the next morning (lots of rum) wish i could start every morning like that!

    2. Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook has good recipes that would do double duty. I think the banana-caramel cake with mascarpone frosting would be good. Recipe doesn't seem to be avail. on line though. But this recipe looks nice (also in the book): cherry streusel cake:

      1. lemon poppyseed poundcake. at night with vanilla ice cream or mascarpone, and in the morning simply toasted with butter or lemon curd.

        1. Not a loaf or bread (forgive me) but rice pudding, bread pudding, grapenut pudding or "Indian Pudding" would fit the bill nicely.

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            I've done a french toast casserole that is good for breakfast, brunch or dessert. It has challah, blueberries, cubes of cream cheese and a maple custard. It is reminiscent of bread pudding, but a little creamier. It gets nicely crunchy on the top.

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              That sounds like a nice combo of ingredients, esp . the blueberries and maple. I like it!

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                Zataar - Would you care to share your recipe? This sounds incredible. I make a darned good French Toast casserole, but have been looking for something a little bit different than the traditional recipe.

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                  That sounds a lot like the Brioche French toast I make, with rum and vanilla in the eggy custard and then topped with fresh blueberries and warmed maple syrup. I also would love to see your recipe.

                  Here's mine --


              2. My quick go-to torte recipe is the plum torte recipe from the NY Times in the 70's. I use any kind of fruit on top (peaches, figs, berries, etc.), and the recipe doubles or triples beautifully. It's fairly healthy, too! Guests rave, and my DH loves a slice the next day with his morning coffee.


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                  I'm making this torte for a brunch for 80 people next month. In lieu of plums, I am using jarred sour cherries, one of the few products I love at TJ. I made a test run last week and it is delish !!!! Very old world with the cherries. I added lemon zest to the batter . Friends swooned.

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                    It sounds amazing! I'll have to try sour cherries!