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Aug 2, 2005 12:42 PM

fried eggplant pizza - where?

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When I lived in Boston I became addicted to eggplant pizza, but it was a very specific preparation: The eggplant is sliced into discs, breaded and fried and placed on top of a cheese pizza before it goes into the oven. Heavenly.

I have NEVER seen this type of pizza in the bay area, but I'm hoping one of you has? I'd drive far for it...


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  1. c
    Colonol Mustard

    Amici's 'Boston'.
    Never fails to satisfy me.
    My favourite. Love it
    (preferred san rafael to embarcadero branch)

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    1. re: Colonol Mustard

      I agree with the Amici's suggestion for the eggplant pizza. Greasy but good.

    2. My turn to rant... Pizza out here in the Bay Area is NOT what we are used to coming from Boston, New Haven or New York. I do not think Amici's is a reasonable facsimile. Sorry, I just have to vent. I want a white clam pizza from Pepe's in New Haven! Amici's "New Haven" pizza is a sad excuse. Good luck finding the eggplant, please let us know if you do.

      1. The original comment has been removed