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Mar 22, 2007 01:07 AM

India Palace (Fillmore x Post), San Francisco

Finally, an Indian buffet that doesn't suck, although you have to go to Japantown to find it.

In fact, several dishes are excellent (the chicken tikka stands out), and the naan and samosas are both tasty and fresh. Service is good. I keep on trying other cheap Indian places and ending up back here. The kicker: $7.95!

It's quality over quantity: there aren't all that many dishes on the buffet, but what's there is good. If you need more selection you can order off the menu.

Apparently they have a website:

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  1. Wow, if they keep the food fresh, $8 sound like quite a deal.
    Have you tried the gulab jam [the brownish/reddish sweet in syrup] ...
    they list that as part of their buffet offering [and i think i spy a vat of
    them in the far corner of the buffet pix]. I notice some places have them
    on the dessert menu for like $3 for 2 which seems crazy to me, so if
    those are passable ... insulin shock, here we come.

    I'll try to analyze it soon, but I'll have to find some friends who are not
    anti-buffet snobs.

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    1. re: psb

      I don't really like gulab jaam, so I can't tell you whether theirs is any good.

      Seriously: this place deserves some more business. They get enough customers that the food stays fresh, but at those prices you'd think they'd be jam-packed all day. It's easy to eat $8 worth of garlic naan alone.

    2. Thanks for the post, that is great to know. Its near my house and they do delivery, so I have always been curious of the quality!