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Mar 22, 2007 01:04 AM

McDonald's Cheeseburger w/ Big Mac Sauce & Lettuce Leaf

Has anyone tried the cheeseburger with big mac sauce and a lettuce leaf? It's like a big mac fix with less than half the calories and fat... I hit it

anyone have any other creations with the McDonald's menu?

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  1. This kind of grosses me out now, but when I was little and McD's was something we had for dinner every couple of weeks I would always have my mom order my hamburger happy meal with nothing but onion on the burger. Then I would take one of those containes of bbq sauce for the nuggets and put it on my burger. It was absolutely the only thing I would eat from there. I also preferred the bbq sauce and sweet and sour sauce for dipping my fries, never ketchup.

    1. I always ask for a fish sandwich with lettuce and tomato, this ensures that they have to make it fresh.

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        Unlike 'Olive Garden' where they HAVE to make fresh breadsticks if you ask for them unbuttered, how do you know they don't just put lettuce and tomato on a fish that's already made? Is it because once the sandwich is wrapped they cannot open it to add the L & T?

        Also, do they charge extra? Burger King charges extra for tomato on their fish (never asked for lettuce).



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          my tip to ensure a fresh (relatively speaking) filet o' fish is to ask for no cheese.