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Mar 22, 2007 12:17 AM

Mary's Pizza Shack

Stopping by Windsor to visit a friend, and wanted to grab a late lunch.
We've got Scott Howard reservations later that night, but I will be incoherent
if I don't have SOMEthing earlier in the day. Meeting here out of convenience
(and b/c he happens to work there). Any recs on chow to tide me over?

Not picky with Italian. Ok, I'd want to order thick crust pizza. But that's it.

Just thought I'd ask . . .


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  1. You're in luck. There are fantastic meatballs to be had at Mary's Pizza Shack. In fact, they have my favorite spag 'n balls EVER.

    1. One of my best friends agrees. He swears by the Pizza Shack's spaghetti and meatballs as well. I can't personally endorse it since I haven't had it yet, but according to him, he thinks the Pizza Shack's pasta is to die for.

      1. The crust on Mary's pizza is plenty thick. It's not bad if you like that style.

        1. thatsa pretty good meatball. thanks!

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          1. re: brekkie_fan

            Mary's Pizza Shack is pretty good for the price. I always go to the one in Napa for lunch and order the meatball and spaghetti. The lunch comes with a salad that is great: beans, beets, cheese, slice of salami, and ice berg lettuce (I'm not a salad snob - as long as it is fresh).

            1. re: porktastegood

              I agree - their house salad that comes with the entrees is great. It's a mini antipasto!