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Mar 22, 2007 12:10 AM

Scott Howard this Saturday ~ advice on ordering?

Menu looks fabulous, but I'd love to hear recommendations.
Leaning towards the prix fixe.
oh, and I can't do spicy or sweetbreads (neither sweet nor bread - how deceiving!)


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  1. Carrot soup to start, and butterscotch pudding to finish . . .

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I wrote a review of the visit here:

          Overall everything was very impressive. I just really liked the soup and the pudding. OP you should do a search, there are many posts on SH.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I also have an older writeup -

            I also went this January during the DAT promotion. I thought I had written that up also, but can't find it. At that meal, I had the pork shoulder as the entree (which I don't see on their current online menu). It was very good, the meat was literally falling apart tender. The portion size, however, was a bit small. If I recall, it was served on a mashed/pureed potato base that was great.

            The food preparation in general is good, but nothing really stands out in my mind other than that soup and the pudding. We still experienced some service issues in January, but it was a vast improvement over our experience last July.

            1. re: nsheth

              Maybe this is it?
              (found it by going to your MyChow page and opening the couple threads about DAT)

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Nope, that was Fringale . . . perhaps it was all a dream, haha.

                1. re: nsheth

                  Heheh, a carrot soup-besotted dream.

                  (that's what I get for not reading more carefully!)

      1. I was there in February. Unfortunately, the only thing on the entire menu that I can rec is the carrot soup and the cauliflower soup. I found the food to be mediocre and the service less then satisfactory.

        I had:
        • Cauliflower soup with ancho chile syrup
        • Skate wing with hearts of palm and mussel & meyer lemon vinaigrette

        My boyfriend had:

        • Carrot broth with Chervil sabayon and Truffle oil
        • Scottish salmon with Shallot confit, hedgehog mushrooms, fingerling potatoes and curry beurre blanc

        Both of the soups were light and flavorful, all around excellent.

        The entrees were another story. My fish (the skate) was o.k. Nothing to write home about. The salmon my boyfriend ordered was gummy and fishy. He had to send it back. The 2nd fish was better, but still mediocre.

        My favorite part of the meal was when the Warm chocolate cake with blackberry coulis and crème fraiche arrived. The crème fraiche was melted and sliding off the cake. It was not warm. It appeared to have been sitting in the kitchen for quite some time (see attached photo).

        Overall, I was disappointed.

        1. Thanks again for all the recommendations.

          Here's what I had

          * Carrot soup - it was neon orange! very rich flavor. excellent start.
          * Short ribs - small portion packed big taste. four out of seven of us ordered this. our plates were licked clean. and that orzo mac &
          * Spinch (side) - simple and a suitable way to balance my 'meat & potatoes'

          Dessert (i shared three with my pal Sung)
          * butterscotch pudding - a little too pure for my taste, but i see why it is so loved
          * french toast - my favorite, but then again, it IS my favorite meal. great texture
          * banana cake - meh.

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          1. re: brekkie_fan

            I just went to Scott Howard last night as part of the Dining Out For Life event and I have to say I agree with all the posts previously. The carrot soup was nice, and the butterscotch pudding was amazing and a nice finisher.

            I did the prix fixe for $32 and my friend and I agree that it's a nice value. I would say if you do the prix fixe sometime soon, you should go the route that my friend did and order the smoked salmon with potato cake starter, then the lamb loin and finish with the butterscotch pudding. I went with the carrot soup (nice, but nothing spectacular) and the salmon, which I thought was watery and plain.

            I also had service problems, but I thought it was just an oddity. But sounds like they have service issues in general overall.