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Mar 21, 2007 10:18 PM

help-need chow for california 20 somethngs

need ideas for soho-- have corporate expense accts- and no reservations yet for this weekend-also for area near Omni at 52 and Mad any club ideas too

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  1. Bar 89 on Mercer Street.

    1. Bar Martignetti is new and trendy. You'd also probably like La Esquina and Balthazar. These are all in/near Soho. Public is also pretty cool.

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        This CA transplant seconds Public (although we did have an unfortunate incident with the bartender but not bad enough to keep us away) and recommends Butter. Both are great. I also took my cousins from CA to Otto, Kittichai and Sapa which they loved (although not in Soho).

      2. Soho: you should DEFINATELY try Kittichai for dinner. It's perfect for 20-somethings...gorgeous atmosphere, my favorite drink spot, and wonderful food.
        Check out the Soho Grand Hotel for drinks afterward, if you choose to stay in the area.

        I think the weather is going to be pretty nice, so try to go to Cabana at The Maritime Hotel.