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Mar 21, 2007 10:13 PM

Authentic taco catering in LA or OC???

I'm having a going away party in OC in a few weeks, and I'm trying to find a great taquero to cater it. I'm going to be out of the country for 8 months, and I want to get my fill of mexican tacos before I leave. I want them to grill the meats on location and make the tacos to order for the party guests & provide all the fixin's....salsas, onions, cilantro, rice, beans, etc. And it needs to be presented well. Does anyone have any recommendations that they've used or heard of? Thanks a bunch!!!

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      I haven't had the pleasure, but I've seen several posts by other 'hounds expressing a love of Taco Nazo. Oddly enough, they were catering an event at the Japan America Theater not too long ago....some kind of wrestling show. I checked their website and they give a phone number to call.

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        I say you just ask your favorite taco truck to swing by. I've seen it done before. haha

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          i love taco nazo, but its speicalty is fish tacos so expect that kinda far ( though they have asada and the other regulars) not your typical taqueria food.

      2. Well sorry I didnt see this posting before but my husband and I do Taco Catering we offer 5 meats 4 of your choice for you party or 3. Carne Asada (steak) Chicken, Alpastor (bbq pork),Chorizo (pork) and beef cheek Cachete.

        For more info visit our web site
        http://www.moralestacocatering.vpweb.... or emai me and I can call you or any one that is Interested in our Services

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          Hi~I'm having a party at the end of month, and we want taco catering grilled on-site.
          Your website doesnt work, and there's no # to call. Please reply!! Thanks!

        2. Hi~ I was wondering if you had the taco catering for you going away or not? because i'm having a party end of month, and i really want a delicious taco catering company. Your referral would be very appreciated! thanks

          1. Not sure how they present it, but Fernando of Exquicitos Tacos (they are in Pasadena, but live in Upland) has fantastic food. They will bring whatever you want and grill it onsite (they bring a grill). You can call them and ask anything you need to: (909) 873-0703 or cell: (626) 278-6327. Several people here on this board have used them. I would do a search since this question has been asked many times.

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              My friend just went into his favorite taqueria [when the boss wasn't around] and basically comissioned his 2 favorite taco tenders to cater his bro's wedding. He payed them something like $100 each under the table and that included everything. He also gave them the same catered dinners (prime rib or grilled swordfish) that all the wedding guests were eating.

              The guys cooked and served up mini carne asada, barbacoa, carnitas, chicken, and tongue tacos at the "appetizer station" and all the guests seemed pleased. Also as far as I could tell, they tasted identical to the ones at their taqueria.

              Just an idea.

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