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what to do with sour cream

I bought a container of sour cream to make a cake, but instead used a different recipe which did not call for sour cream, so now I have 1 cup of it unopened in the fridge. What kinds of things can be made with it that are not sweets or desserts?

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  1. Beef Stroganoff.

    Combine with lime zest and juice to make lime cream. Use to dollop roasted chili powder-dusted sweet potatoes or to garnish the world's best sweet potato soup:
    - Boil sweet potatoes in their jackets until tender. Peel. Cut into pieces.
    - Meanwhile, brown chopped onion in butter. Add the sweet potatoes and chicken broth. Purée. Thin with more chicken broth if necessary. Add some finely chopped jalapeno. Simmer for 20-30 minutes.
    - Adjust seasoning. Ladle into bowls. Garnish with the lime cream (thinned to a pourable consistency with lime juice).

    Combine with chives and spoon onto baked potatoes.

    1. Mix it with horseradish and pepper for a nice dressing for red meat (roast beef, steaks, or even burgers)

      1. Broccoli or Spinach Souffle... cooked broccoli or spinach til very soft, Lipton's onion soup mix, ricotta, sour cream, and egg whites, blended in a blender, and baked in a greased pan.

        1. Use in a quiche type dish in place of cream.

          1. Sour cream makes a great basis for a sauce to put over fish. Chop up lots of herbs, or spinach, or cucumber, and swirl into sour cream, along with lemon or lime juice, and perhaps some good mustard. Pour over roasted or sauted fish. Have seconds.

              1. Depending on how you feel about Food Network folks, here are two ideas that are pretty good:

                Paula Deen's Mac & Cheese (no bechamel needed b/c of the sour cream)

                Ina Garten's Caramelized Onion Dip

                1. If you'll be making chili anytime soon, a nice garnish is sour cream mixed with fresh lime juice (and cilantro if you love cilantro!)...spoon a big dollop of this over the chili...very delicious!

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                    Stroganoff would be my first choice but also good are sour cream coffee cake or chicken paprikas.

                  2. Put some of that sour cream (w/ or w/o chopped chives) over boiled pierogies.

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                      or on baked potatoes. I have been eating one every night as my midnight snack

                      1. Leave it to me to make cucumbers fattening. I love sliced cucumbers in a mixture of sour cream and italian dressing. I use Kraft House Italian. Sometimes I include onion. Yesterday I added some adobo seasoning.

                        1. Twice-baked potatoes always works!

                          1. Oh man! I'm a total sour cream addict. I cannot imagine how anyone could go through life without knowing all about sour cream. I eat it on pot roast. Mix it with the liquid, especially if you've made your pot roast with wine, and dip crusty bread in it. I eat sour cream and dill with salmon. I also mix sour cream and mayonnaise for a side to tomato aspic. I use sour cream and mayonnaise mixed with curry powder as a dressing for cold chicken pasta. Any Mexican food has to have sour cream -- lots and lots of sour cream. Then there are all the uses already mentioned -- beef stroganoff or chicken paprikash. Mixed with horseradish for a side to meats (especially good with corned beef and cabbage) And the ultimate -- on a baked potato with tons and tons of sour cream with grilled steak. I can safely say that more than a few of the extra pounds I carry are directly due to sour cream, and, no, I can't abide the low-fat versions. I think it's hereditary, as most addictions are. My mom was a sour cream addict and now my daughters are.

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                              one of my favorite little restaurants in Mexico City (Paris 16 on Reforma). The chef - friendly but secretive - uses the sour cream as a base, but not just for the german potato soups, but all kinds of cream soups based on sour cream: salmon, mixed vegetables, broccoli, mussel, beet, walnut, I'm getting hungry now, anyway you get the idea, and since you sound like a person that MIGHT have an idea where to look for some recipes maybe you'll have some ideas of where to look

                            2. I like to mix in some snipped dill and salt and pepper and use it as a dip for steamed or grilled artichokes.

                              1. I grate cucumbers and chop up some dill and mix in lots of sour cream and salt and pepper. It's a Polish cucumber salad called miseria that is very similar to tzatziki, without any garlic and uses sour cream instead of yogurt.

                                And I can't have tomato soup without a dollop of sour cream!

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                                  Just had a bowl of roasted red pepper and tomato soup for lunch complete witha dollop of daisy.

                                2. Plop some in a bowl and add a sliced banana. Maybe some cottage chees to be virtuous. My Dad's favorite Sat. night supper (along with a small can of salmon with sliced onions and vinegar.)

                                  Speaking of onions and vinegar, add sour cream to a jar of herring in wine sauce. Yum.

                                  Getting down and ethnic now! Enjoy, p.j.