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Mar 21, 2007 09:39 PM

Chile Rellenos in Long Beach?

What are everyone's recommendations? Also, what's your favorite carne asada?

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  1. You have great, creative and delicious Mexican food in Long Beach - Enrique's. For instance, pasillas asados consists of two flame-roasted peppers that are filled with diced potatoes and a blend of Jack and blue cheeses. The house specialty, whole pork shank stewed in tomatillo sauce has the meat so tender it's falling off the bone, (and is absolutely addictive). They also have wonderful chips and salsa to start.

    Please post your impressions wherever you end up going, (but Enrique's ought to be one of your first stops).

    6210 E Pacific Coast Hwy
    Long Beach, CA 90803
    (562) 498-3622

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    1. re: tony michaels

      Wholehearted second on Enrique's. Absolutely superb food. They have carne asada on the menu, and it's great; however, the pork shank Tony mentions is magical, something that makes my mouth water just thinking of it. They have an off-menu special of filet mignon and grilled tiger shrimp that runs a close second in my affections. Just after that, their "paella", a sublime mix of chicken, rice, peppers, spices, cream and cheese that should not work-- but does. Then their carnitas.... NOTE: Beer and wine only. They have an off-menu habanero chile salsa that is blazingly sinus-clearing. Use with care.

      For "classic" chiles rellenos, my favorite is a fast-food style joint (also beer and wine only) near Long Beach Airport: Baja Sonora, Clark Ave at Spring St. Nothing fancy, just gut-busting good. The rellenos are served with enchilada sauce and cheese, so it's a Tex-Mex presentation; they're always delicious. Their carne asada is very good. Their carnitas are unusually tender, juicy and flavorful. I'm a sucker for their machaca too. They have a chips and salsa bar; the mild is a bit "meh!", but the medium is very tasty (I mix it with the mild and get something even more wonderful) and their 911 salsa will tear the chrome off a car bumper.

      1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

        there's also a baja sonora on atlantic, just north of the 405. they even serve a chile relleno burrito. i ordered it once, just to see what it was like ... it was delicious. gut-busting is a pretty good description, but not in a bad way.

    2. I agree with everyone Enriques is the place! It doesn't come with that
      overly decorated Mexican Fiesta style restaurant, and I am not sure of the
      liquor license as to whether or not they have one. I don't seem to remember
      Great Margaritas as a choice, so that maybe a consideration. But what I do
      remember is GREAT GREAT food. Duh just read the other post and yep only beer and wine.

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      1. re: nut4food

        Just beer and wine, they can make a 'margarita', but not a real one tho'!


        1. re: Dommy

          THanks, everyone. I'm actually an Enrique's regular. Agree on the pork shank. I wish they had a liquor license. Michelle, the owner (wife of Enrique) says the area's saturated with bars, so they just have beer and wine. The habanero salsa is one of my favorite things in life. And yes, you must use caution with it! Also, their soup of the day is always wonderful.

          I haven't tried Baja Sonora for rellenos, though. Do they use anaheims, or pasillas?

          1. re: vickib

            i believe they use anaheims ... they looked fairly thin. the other option is usually a poblano, though in some parts of mexico a poblano is called a pasilla (in most parts of mexico, a pasilla is a thin pepper that is usually dried). anyway, i'm pretty sure it's anaheims.

            1. re: FED

              ok, i just had to go try it again, strictly in the name of research. they are definitely anaheims and as i suspected, but hesitated to post, they are definitely canned. still, it's good junky mexican (as opposed to supermex)